OKUMOTO SEIFUN Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Pancake Flour 日本大阪燒粉 (Valid date: 11 Jan 2024)


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OKUMOTO SEIFUN Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Pancake Flour
How To Use

For delicious and authentic tasting okonomiyaki (5 pancakes):
• Mix 1 packet (250g) of okonomiyaki flour with 2 large eggs and 230ml of water.
• Stir in fillings such as shellfish and shredded cabbage.
• Preheat a frying pan, griddle or hotplate, apply a small amount of oil. Pour in the mixture and shape into a circle. Add pork on top.
• When the edges start to solidify, flip the pancake and cook for a further 3-4 minutes.
• Add okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, aonori, mayonnaise to the top and serve piping hot.

Ingredients (Allergens in bold): Wheat flour, corn flour, sweetener (glucose, sugar), salt, powdered yam potato, seasoning (amino acids), leavening agent, thickener


Country of Origin: Japan

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